winter road conditions to san josef bay

We headed out to San Josef Bay for the day and have updated our road report. Between Port Hardy and Holberg the road is covered in snow and slush. We were in a large pickup truck with studded snow tires and still found it to be slippery. Be very cautious when heading out on this road during winter conditions. 

Beyond Holberg the roads were clear of snow and areas were freshly graded. On San Jo Main near the trail head parking lot there are a LOT of potholes. On the drive home we ran into snow south of Holberg until the turn-off to Port Hardy. 

holbergroadconditions. (1).JPG
3K Holberg Rd. (2).JPG
3K Holberg Rd. (3).JPG
3K Holberg Rd. (4).JPG
3K Holberg Rd. (5).JPG