Road Conditions to San Josef Bay - June 30, 2018

The Holberg log sort should be relatively quiet this weekend.  WFP is not logging this weekend until Tuesday. There is active logging and hauling out of San Josef Bay road, Strandy and the south end of Nahwitti lake.  If you haven’t seen logging up close, pull over at the pullout at the south end of the lake and take a look. Trucks are still removing equipment from the bridge construction and the trucks are not using the radio’s and not familiar with the amount of tourist traffic so pay attention on blind corners!

The Holberg road from KM 6-16 has some new rock on the roads but it is very wash-boarded and loose. KM 16 - 30 is pretty rough with large potholes and a lot of broken branches on the road from all the heavy equipment being moved in and out.

NE 60 from the turn off all the way to NE Main has recently been graded and has large rocks in the road.  WFP has recently added some new information signs at the top of the hill. Stop on your way and take a look.  Be aware driving low clearance vehicles. The rocks are extremely sharp. We have been driving at very low speeds through this section.  Loaded logging trucks are travelling both ways on this section.

NE Main has also recently been graded and is pretty rough until about 7 KM from Holberg.  Be mindful of where pullouts are as this part of the road is very narrow. If you encounter a logging truck, be prepared to back up to the last pullout.  The shoulders are very steep and soft and there is not enough room to move to the side of the road.

With the recent wet weather San Josef Main is rough and muddy.  Travel is slow going and there are some large potholes.

The road to Raft Cove and Cape Palmerston is very rough and getting grown in.  Watch out for potholes, some of the potholes are deeper than they appear and can harm lower clearance vehicles.

The San Josef Bay Road closures are now done until September & the road is completely open. Safe & happy travels!