WFP has resumed logging in Holberg, in addition to Lamar.   They are hauling out of Strandby at km 11 on San Jo Main. The logging companies have not been logging on the long weekends, this coming weekend should be relatively quiet.  Be on the lookout for other companies moving heavy equipment.

The Holberg road from KM 8-20 has recently been graded, the beginning of the road is pretty rough but not as bad as last year!    From km 20 - NE 60 it is pretty bumpy but not too uncomfortable. The radio channel for the Holberg road is RR 5. Not all of the trucks have been calling out their positions and they have been driving in the middle of the road.  Watch out around blind corners.

NE 60 from the turn off all the way to NE Main has been graded, yet there are very sharp rocks exposed.  We have seen multiple small vehicles with flats in this section the past few days. Drive slow and avoid the bigger rocks.  Other sections are still very rough with sharp rock exposed. Fat trucks have been hauling from Holberg to Port McNeill, so you may encounter a fat truck from Holberg to KM 10 near the fossil beds.  From there they turn off to Coal Harbour.

If you encounter a logging truck, be prepared to back up to the last pullout.  The shoulders are very steep and soft. Do not attempt to move to the side of the road, you will get stuck.   The radio channel for this section is RR 36 until the WFP shop in Holberg. From the shop on to San Jo, Ronning main and Raft Cove, the channel is RR 21.

San Josef Main is rough but in pretty good shape overall.  Watch for unexpected potholes along this stretch as well as towards Raft Cove.   

The road to Raft Cove and Cape Palmerston is very rough and getting grown in.  Watch out for potholes. Some of the potholes are deeper than they appear and can harm lower clearance vehicles.  The radio channel for this section of roads is RR 21 from the WFP shop on.

Drive Safe!