The Holberg road is in decent shape, and today there was a grader on the middle portion of the road.  Otherwise it is bumpy as usual!

WFP and Lamare are currently logging in Holberg.  If you are headed to Winter Harbour or Grant Bay we recommend avoiding South Main near the log dump.  WFP and Lamar are logging very actively in this area. The back way through Holberg is a better option, but expect to meet a logging truck at some point until Friday afternoon.  WFP is not logging this weekend, but we were unable to find out about Lamare’s planned activity. The radio channel for that area is RR 36. The logging companies have not been logging on the long weekends thus far, and it is expected that this coming weekend should be relatively quiet.  Be on the lookout for other companies moving heavy equipment.  

North East 60 has been recently graded from KM 10-15 and is pretty rough with big rocks in the road.  The rest of the roads into Holberg are in pretty good shape.

From Holberg to San Josef Main is in pretty good shape.  The stretch of road along the river is pretty rough as it was washed out this winter.  All the bridge repairs appear to have gone well and the roads are in good shape in that area. Slow down for some drops off the new bridge edges.  The radio channel is RR 21. 

Ronnings garden is in full bloom and worth the stop!  Look for the hidden Monkey Puzzle tree as you enter the property.  Don’t forget to bring a donation as it is a labor of love and they are providing maps of the property.  On your way out of the property you can see the old wagon road where it would have continued on to the last homestead, look for it just past the old tractor to the left. 

If you encounter a logging truck, be prepared to back up to the last pullout.  The shoulders are very steep and soft. Do not attempt to move to the side of the road, you will get stuck.  The radio channel for this section is RR 36 until the WFP shop in Holberg. From the shop on to San Jo, Ronning main and Raft Cove, the channel is RR 21.

 Drive Safe!