With the ongoing strike of Western Forest Products employees and the consistently rainy days recently, the road conditions have been degrading rapidly and changing fast. Subcontracted companies are still logging and hauling out of areas around Holberg, so be aware that while it is quieter than usual, there are trucks still working. Some fat trucks have been hauling from the Grant Bay / Winter Harbour Road to Rupert Arm, so you may encounter them on North East 60 until KM 10 at the fossil beds turn off, where they have been turning toward Coal Harbour.

The first two kilometers of provincial highway have been recently graded, so be aware of any large or sharp rock pulled in from the edges. The remaining sections continue to be graded regularly, although rain has increased the potholes and washboards.

North East 60 is in rough shape due to the lack of maintenance. The section between KM 11 and KM 13 is the smoothest of the road. Remember to slow down since all traffic will likely be trying to avoiding potholes and soft shoulders, even around corners. The radio channel for this section is RR 36 until the WFP shop in Holberg

From Holberg to San Josef Main is in pretty good shape.  The stretch of road along the river is pretty rough as it was washed out this winter, and recent work on this section has caused it to be a surprisingly bumpy ride. The grader was on site Sunday July 28th, and we hope that will smooth out this section. San Jo Main is very bumpy in the first 6kms, but is in good shape between KM7 and KM10. Be aware that the recently added bridges have large bumps getting on and off the ends, increasing in roughness with the rains. The radio channel between Holberg and San Jo/Raft Cove area is RR 21. 

If you should encounter a logging truck, be prepared to back up to the last pullout.  The shoulders are very steep and soft. Do not attempt to move to the side of the road, you will get stuck.

 Drive Safe!