Walking among the giants 


Come with us on an authentic north island adventure into the forest to witness some of the largest old-growth Spruce trees on Vancouver Island. The tour will begin in Port Hardy and we will travel by van for 35-40 minutes out of town on an active logging road where there is a good chance of spotting black bears and white-tailed deer. Once we leave the paved road cell service is gone and guests are able to truly disconnect from everyday distractions and reconnect with nature.  

spruce love.JPG

Upon arriving at the trailhead guests will immediately be enveloped by the quiet, peaceful and overwhelmingly beautiful forest canopy. Green moss lines the trail, old man’s beard hangs from branches, woodpeckers work away at decaying bark, squirrels chirp and the huge, old trees provide stunning beauty and an amazing ecosystem that is unlike anything else.

On the casual, 1.5 hour walking tour we will see old growth Spruce, Hemlock and Western Red Cedar trees. The trail meanders through varying stages of the forests lifecycle and shows how the trees begin their life, thrive, blow down and eventually provide nutrients for the next generation of trees. The path is littered with ‘nurse’ logs and baby Hemlock trees that are just beginning their journey.

Our walk will make a stop at a peaceful and meandering river and will wind up at the southern end of Nahwitti Lake. This tour is ideal for visitors who love to experience pristine and untouched nature in an easy to access way. The local guides will provide ample interpretation and information on the flora and fauna and local area.


We will be offering this tour by request and for limited dates during the 2018 season.

The tour is 3 hours in length and will run from 8 am - 11am and 2 pm - 5 pm

$95 + GST/fees. Contact us for youth pricing. 

Contact us to book from October - March