San Josef Bay Day Hike

This is a moderate hiking tour down to the beach that is approximately 45 minutes on a beautiful and well-maintained trail.

Tour Highlights

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing things to see at San Josef Bay are the sea stacks. The sea stacks at San Josef Bay are some of the only ocean-eroded stacks on Vancouver Island, and are certainly the most extreme. Water surging through the sandy passages at high tide has slowly eroded the softer rock, leaving behind only the harder formations. In some spots, this effect has left behind the sea stacks, a remarkable feature, but one found fairly commonly around the world. 

Scenic Drive & Wildlife Viewing 

The San Josef Bay hiking tour begins with a comfortable drive in our climate-controlled 15-passenger van. During the drive always make sure to keep your eyes peeled as there is a good chance of seeing black bears and other wildlife. Upon leaving Port Hardy we will be travelling on active logging roads and will pass through the historic logging town of Holberg. We will make a quick stop at the Scarlet Ibis Pub in Holberg where guests will have access to washrooms and the pre-ordered boxed lunches will be picked up. 

Hike Details

About 30 minutes down the road we will come to the Cape Scott Provincial Park trail-head. From here we will walk approximately 45 minutes on a well-maintained trial that goes through old-growth stands of forests and swamps. There is an outhouse at the trail head and the beach. 

History & Horticulture

The area is loaded with local history and is on the traditional lands of the Tlatlasikwala First Nations. There was also attempts of a Danish settlement from 1887 to 1910 that were unsuccessful due to the remote and harsh climate. Your tour guides will have information on local flora, fauna, and history. 

Swimming & Beach Activities 

The beach at San Josef Bay is expansive and tranquil, and offers guests a variety of west-coast activities. This beach is the perfect place for exploring the enchanting sea-stacks, beach combing, enjoying water sports, building a sandcastle, or just relaxing on the sand with a book. The photo opportunities are endless. 

We will provide everyone on the bus with a lifejacket. When the weather is appropriate we will have a beach fire, and would love to take groups on beach combing walks and help with water sports. 

Tour Schedule

8:30am – Depart from Port Hardy
10:15 - 11:00am – Hike down to San Josef Bay
11:00am – 2:00pm – Individual time to explore, participate in guided walks of the area with guides, lunch and chillaxing. 
2:00-3:00pm – Hike back to the van
4:30pm- Arrive back at Cove Adventure Tours office in Port Hardy 

$155/person + taxes -   $85/Youth (13 + under) + taxes

2 person minimum (Oct - Apr) 

Contact us to book a tour to San Josef Bay! 

We are offering tours year-round.