RV Friendly Campgrounds

Port Hardy boasts multiple campgrounds that are all in natural settings or are situated along the ocean.


Port hardy Rv resort

The Port Hardy RV Resort is less than five minutes from the ferry terminal and is only a couple minutes to downtown Port Hardy. It is located on an estuary that opens up to Hardy Bay.

This is a prime place to watch for eagles or walk the lovely path that follows the Quatse River.

Quatse River Campground 

The Quatse River Campground is also very close to Port Hardy and is located along a samon-bearing river. The campsites are arranged amongst old-growth trees and are very tranquil.

The Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre is right beside the campground and is a great place to spend an hour touring the hatchery and learning about our many local species of salmon. 



Wildwoods Campsite & Scotia Bay campground

Wildwoods Campsite is the closest to the ferry terminal and has 75 spots situated within the forest. They also have a dock suitable for small boats and fishing. 

On the other side of Port Hardy is the Scotia Bay Campground. The campground is right on the water and also has a boat launch. This is about 10-15 minutes from the ferry terminal, but well worth the drive.

 Reservations are recommended during the summer months.