driving conditions from port hardy to the west coast beaches


Don't get stuck, ride with us! 

The 60 kilometer drive from Port Hardy to the San Josef Bay & Cape Scott trail head poses many possible risks and frustrations to travelers. The road is a VERY ACTIVE logging road, and you will likely see multiple oversize and off road "fat trucks" that you are responsible for getting out of the way of. The conditions of the road are always changing, and it is usually riddled with pot holes and large, sharp rocks that are perfect for shredding tires.  Locals know that it is always key to carry two or even three spare tires while travelling on these roads.

Those logging trucks literally fill the road. Hubby used to have the trucking contract there, had to carry chains to pull tourists out of the ditch on a regular basis. Take this guided tour, much better idea!
— longtime local resident, Verna Carlson

There is also NO cellular or internet reception once you turn onto the gravel road outside of Port Hardy. This poses a huge problem for people who need a tow truck or help. They truck drivers all carry VHF radios in order to warn other vehicles where they are at, and it is recommended for all travelers to carry them and be on the correct channel.

Our tour guides are able to alleviate all of these stressful situations for you. We carry a satellite radio, VHF radio, and a two-way GPS messaging device. We have appropriate tires on our van and always travel with multiple spares. We want to show you the amazing & remote locations on northern Vancouver Island without any hassle, stress, or danger. Come with us to enjoy and 'chillax' instead! 

A typical 'fat truck' beside the Cove Adventure Tours van. 

A typical 'fat truck' beside the Cove Adventure Tours van.